Rep. Jason Crow wrote a letter along with entire the Colorado Congressional delegation to President Donald Trump, urging him to extend funding to keep the National Guard deployed in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

Without the extension of funding, the National Guard could end their mission in Colorado as early as May 15.

“The Colorado National Guard has been critical to Colorado’s response with their ability to support state efforts. Hundreds of National Guard service members have been providing invaluable support for testing civilians and Guard personnel, logistics and warehouse distribution support, planning for Colorado’s Emergency Operations Centers, homelessness outreach and much more,” writes Crow in the letter. “All of these efforts are essential to mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on Coloradans, and the need for this support is expected to persist through the end of the year. We share the Governor’s concern that prematurely ceasing federal funding for National Guard COVID-19 support operations will hinder Colorado’s ability to respond and could contribute to a possible second wave of infection.”