Defending Democratic Institutions:
Government Accountability and Election Reform

America’s democratic institutions and norms must be defended. One of Jason’s proudest accomplishments is leading paratroopers in combat for this country. Wearing the American flag on his shoulder in battle left a lasting mark on his life and values. When he came home, Jason continued his dedication to democratic values as a lawyer. Defending our democratic institutions in Washington begins with ensuring accountability by our elected officials, fighting for campaign finance reform, ending gerrymandering that disenfranchises American voters and protects career politicians, and ensuring that our elections are protected and our votes count.

Trust and Accountability in Government

We are now faced with unprecedented challenges to our institutions and democratic norms. The Republican majority in the Senate is refusing to exercise oversight over the executive branch, utterly failing to play the role our Constitution requires. Jason will continue to be a strong, moral voice in D.C. and fight back against the attacks to our norms and institutions. He will continue to protect our country at home just as he did while fighting abroad. 

In Congress, Jason is fighting to:

  • Investigate and respond to foreign government meddling into U.S. elections and conflicts of interest by government officials, successfully passing the SHIELD act, which requires candidates to report any offers of assistance from foreign governments to law enforcement
  • Require presidential candidates to release their tax returns
  • Codify conflict-of-interest requirements for federal candidates who may profit from private businesses while in office
  • Shed light on the overpowered influence of lobbyists, cosponsoring the Lobbyist Loophole Closure Act
  • Revoke pensions from Members of Congress found guilty of crimes or who resign to avoid investigation into various abuses such as sexual misconduct
  • Prevent Members of Congress from using taxpayer funds to settle claims against them
  • Support legislation that will address Citizens United and court decisions that have increased the power of money in politics, cosponsoring the DISCLOSE Act which would require organizations spending money in federal elections to disclose their donors