Rep. Jason Crow, an Aurora Democrat and prosecutor in the impeachment trial, took to the Senate floor in the evening to argue for a subpoena of documents from OMB, where testimony and media reports suggest officials were concerned by Trump’s withholding of military aid to Ukraine.

“We know these documents exist and we know the only reason we do not have them is because the president directed OMB not to release them,” Crow said, referring to what he claims are key documents that reveal how the president’s controversial order was enacted. “Because he knows what they would show.”

Crow went through a timeline of events related to the withholding of aid to Ukraine in the summer of 2019, punctuating his remarks on several occasions by saying, “The American people deserve answers.” Crow talked about his own combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the importance of military aid to soldiers in wartime.

“Who knew what, and when? OMB documents would shed light on OMB’s actions as the president’s scheme unraveled,” the congressman said.

“Eventually this will all come out. We will have answers to these questions,” he added, before turning his head to the Republican side of the Senate chamber. “The question now is whether we will have them in time and who here will be on the right side of history.”

Crow’s remarks, and Tuesday night’s votes, came as the Senate was establishing the format and ground rules for its trial of Trump, which will begin in earnest Wednesday. Under rules proposed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, each side will have three days to make their case before senators ask questions and cast further votes next week.

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