An Environmental and Energy Policy for America’s Future

Protecting our environment and public health was not always a partisan issue, and it shouldn’t be today. This begins with fighting to maintain environmental protections already in place, and addressing growing problems related to climate change and energy. America’s economy and environment both demand a forward-looking comprehensive energy policy that prioritizes a rapid transition to clean energy while protecting American jobs and promoting economic growth. I will fight for an energy policy that will build a clean energy economy that allows the U.S. to once again be the world leader in energy development, innovation, and environmental protection while moving the American economy away from fossil fuels over the next few decades to address climate change. We also must elect a new generation of leaders that will fight for people and our planet over partisan politics.

The following priorities are based on the deeply held values of me and my family, and are shared by everyone who enjoys Colorado’s beautiful outdoors. My children are 5th generation Coloradans and my family has seen the state change over the decades. We do not have to choose between a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

Climate Change

Climate change is a severe threat to the planet, people, and our nation. Congress must act to reduce carbon pollution and other emissions to protect against further impacts of climate change, but it must also work to help communities adapt to an already changing climate. It is essential that Congress act to address climate change because, as we have seen, presidential action alone may be undone quickly under a new administration.

In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Re-commit to the Paris Climate Accord.
  • Implement the Clean Power Plan so that the U.S. can initiate a sensible approach to carbon emissions reductions and transition to a more sustainable and competitive economy.
  • Work towards a comprehensive climate policy that will reduce carbon emissions, help cities and states adapt to a changing climate, and transition our economy to lead in the future energy economy.
  • Invest in clean energy technology and innovation to reduce carbon pollution and ensure that American workers are not left behind in a modernizing global economy,

Environmental Protection

Fighting climate change will also help protect our clean air, clean water, public lands, and the environment we all depend on. In the past few months, we have witnessed roll-backs of America’s commitment to a safe environment and public health protection in a way unseen in nearly 50 years. The U.S. was once a global leader in environmental protection. We must regain our leadership role to protect our planet and ensure long-term prosperity for our nation.