For Immediate Release
October 17, 2018
Contact: Mitch Schwartz, 970-316-3095

Gun Lobby Continues to Prop Up Mike Coffman’s Failing Reelection Bid

NRA Awards Coffman an ‘A’ Grade for Ignoring Commonsense Reforms; Then Offers Donations

Aurora – Rep. Mike Coffman received nearly $6,000 from the gun lobby – including nearly $5,000 from National Rifle Association’s (NRA) PAC – in the third fundraising quarter of 2018, according to FEC filing reports. The NRA, which gave Coffman an ‘A’ rating this month for his steadfast refusal to address America’s gun violence epidemic, has now donated nearly $8,000 to Coffman’s campaign this cycle alone.

Coffman has received over $40,000 from the NRA over his Congressional career – and benefitted from nearly $200,000 from the gun lobby. He has taken more money from the gun lobby than any other elected official in Colorado.

Jason Crow has refused to take a dime from any corporate PAC. He has received a ‘F’ grade from the NRA. Crow has called for banning military-style assault weapons, universal background checks, and other commonsense proposals that Coffman has refused to endorse.

Please attribute this statement to Jason Crow:

“Mike Coffman’s campaign finance disclosures speak louder than his words. He has completely failed to pass measures that can keep Coloradans safe from the gun violence epidemic – and the gun lobby has rewarded him for it. If Coffman can’t summon the moral courage to reject the NRA and do what’s right for his constituents, then it’s time to bring in a new generation of leaders who can.”

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