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October 12, 2018
Contact: Mitch Schwartz, 970-316-3095

Jason Crow Delivers Inclusive, Actionable Plan to Bring Servant Leadership to Washington in First Congressional Debate

First-Time Candidate Exposes Career Politician Mike Coffman as Ineffective and Out of Ideas

Aurora, CO – Former Army Ranger and first-time candidate delivered a positive, inclusive, and actionable plan to bring servant leadership back to Washington in the first televised debate of the general election this week, while exposing Rep. Mike Coffman as an ineffective career politician who has broken his promises to Coloradans.

To watch the debate, click here.

The debate, which covered issues like Social Security, immigration, climate change, and the president’s performance in office, pitted Crow’s record of service to his community over Rep. Coffman’s failure to keep his fundamental promise to stand up to President Trump. Coffman has voted with Trump 96% of the time.

Here are some highlights:

Jason on the environment:

“My opponent has a 5% lifetime record by the League of Conservation Voters. Five percent. That’s turning his back on public lands, on the UN Climate Accord – at a time where we need to be doubling down, making investments in renewable energy … we are not going to solve this issue with the same leadership that brought us here and got us into this mess.”

Jason on DACA:

“We’ve been talking about this for far too long. The only common denominator is the people that we keep on sending back to Washington to do this – the career politicians that have failed us and failed the community. There’s no greater case than right now – and this issue – for a new generation of leadership to go to Washington and actually roll up their sleeves and get it done.”

Jason on Social Security:

“My opponent has called that system a Ponzi scheme, and I think that’s reflective of his view. I deeply disagree with that characterization; that’s people’s hard-earned money. So, it’s time that we lift the wage cap so we can firm up that system and give it the solvency that it deserves.”

Rep. Coffman on ‘grading’ President Trump:

“Uh, I think I would give, uh, a ‘B’ on substance. Well, maybe a ‘B’ – that’s kind of hard – maybe a ‘C’…”

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