Protecting America’s Social Safety Net

Social Security and Medicare are promises we’ve made to our seniors. The strength of our middle class depends on our continued support for programs like Medicare and Social Security. Common-sense solutions to make government more efficient, protect the programs in place, and ensure benefits are distributed to all who are eligible will provide long-term security for those who are supported by America’s social safety net.

In Colorado’s 6th Congressional district, over 67,000 people have a disability and over 92,000 are over the age of 65. Over 102,000 people in the 6th district depend on Social Security benefits, and over 81,000 of those people are seniors. Another 9,000 Coloradans in the 6th district depend on disability assistance through social security income. Jason will continue to fight for all his constituents who rely on these programs.

Social Security

Social Security not only pays monthly benefits to seniors who have paid into the program throughout their working lives, but it also helps support disabled individuals who cannot work and their families. We have a moral obligation to protect Social Security and deliver on our promises.

In Congress, Jason is fighting to:

  • Protect the Social Security trust fund from being diverted to other uses
  • Prevent the use of chained-CPI to calculate Social Security benefits, which would reduce monthly benefits, instead expanding benefits by cosponsoring the Social Security 2100 Act
  • Raise the Social Security tax cap, solving a significant amount of the long-term issues related to the sustainability of Social Security
  • Stop balancing our federal budget using Social Security funds

Ensuring that all Americans have access to health care when they need it is a moral obligation. Millions of seniors have paid into the Medicare program and depend on Medicare and Medicaid for critical medical coverage. Medicare does not cover all medical costs and for many seniors on fixed incomes, Medicaid is a lifeline. Jason will fight to protect Medicare and reduce prescription drug costs. He will also fight to protect Medicaid from GOP attempts to gut the program. Millions of seniors, working families, and children rely on Medicaid for health care. Without these programs, Americans would face an unprecedented health care crisis.

In Congress, Jason will continue to fight for:

  • Lowering prescription drug prices by allowing the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, cosponsoring the Freedom from Price Gouging Act which would require drug manufacturers to pay a Medicare part B rebate for certain drugs if the price of such drugs increases faster than inflation
  • Protecting and expanding Medicare coverage for all seniors eligible for the program, cosponsoring the Medicare-X Choice Act